Novation Solutions, LLC (NovationSi) is a materials science company specializing in high quality modifiers, additives, and colorants for LSR and HCR.

We deliver fast, dependable service coupled with great chemistry. While our curiosity brings new ideas to life, it’s our know-how from decades of experience that produces superior products.

Features & Benefits

  • Excellent pigment and additive dispersion
  • Highly concentrated
  • Batch-to-batch consistency
  • Suitable viscosities for metering systems
  • Appropriate for use with addition- and peroxide-cured systems
  • Compatible with one- and two-part RTV systems
  • Custom formulations and color matching available
  • 8 lb., 40 lb., and 400 lb. containers available for LSR and RTV products
  • 10 lb. and 50 lb. containers available for HCR products

Featured Product: NovaSperse® Healthcare Color Dispersions for LSR and HCR

Our NovaSperse® Healthcare* color dispersions are designed and tested using selected pigments and ingredients to meet USP Class VI requirements and are appropriate for use with addition- and peroxide-cured systems. These medical-grade color dispersions provide complete raw material traceability and are formulated without the use of heavy metals, phthalates, and BPA.

*Our NovaSperse® Healthcare products are not intended for long-term implant (>29 days). These products have passed USP Class VI testing, but NovationSi makes no end-use representation. It is the user’s responsibility to independently test and verify the safety and suitability of the material performance in the intended application.

Featured Resources

High School Students Explore Polymers with NovationSi, FocusCFO®, and RDAbbott

The Greater Akron Polymer Cluster recently provided an “Exploring Polymers Workshop” to high school students in Barberton, Ohio. Representatives from RDAbbott, NovationSi, and FocusCFO® presented the two-part series to Honors Chemistry students at Barberton High School.

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NovationSi and RDAbbott Show Summer Campers Manufacturing in Action

NovationSi and RDAbbott recently gave a group of Ohio middle schoolers a firsthand look at American manufacturing in action. On July 12th, approximately fifteen students from Barberton Middle School toured the 127,000+ sq. ft. facility in Barberton, Ohio, which is NovationSi’s headquarters and RDAbbott’s Northeast hub. The students learned how LSR and HCR differ, as well as how they’re made, tested, colored, and cured.

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NovationSi has named Steve Hersey Plant Manager

Prior to joining NovationSi, Hersey was the General Manager for HEXPOL Compounding in Akron, Ohio. While at HEXPOL, he managed substantial volume growth over four years and sales revenue experienced exponential growth during his tenure. Hersey brings a veteran approach to silicone manufacturing as he began his HEXPOL career as a Lead Operator and later served as a Production Supervisor. He has also owned a construction business and worked as an Operations Lead for Portage Precision Polymers before it was acquired by HEXPOL.

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Brian Swanton Named Director, Process Engineering for NovationSi

Swanton holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from Michigan Technology University and has over 28 years of silicone experience, including extensive service with Dow and Dupont. Swanton holds multiple patents and has developed or scaled up at least forty products, which now represent a minimum of $100M in annual sales. Before joining NovationSi, Swanton was a Senior Process Specialist for Dupont, where he provided technical leadership and was responsible for qualifying plant start-ups. He’s also worked as a Senior Industry Specialist for Dow, where he supported the double-digit growth of new products in consumer and industrial markets.

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What’s New: Novel Electrically Conductive Silicone Compounds, Using NovationSi and Zeon Technologies, Are Helping Medical Science

NovationSi recently developed PURmix® HCR healthcare compounds that enhance electrical properties of silicone rubber, using patent-pending technologies that incorporate a revolutionary single-wall carbon nanotube (“SG101”) developed by Zeon Corporation.

By effectively dispersing Zeon’s SG101 single-wall carbon nanotubes into NovationSi’ PURmix® HCR healthcare compounds, the electrically conductive properties of the cured article are greatly enhanced.

A practical application of this novel silicone technology is medical devices that perform neuromodulation therapies on the human body. In fact, the first clinical use of this new silicone compound has already won FDA clearance in suppressing essential tremors and has been released to the medical device market for use on patients under physicians’ care.

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